About Wheels of Happiness Foundation


What is Wheels of Happiness?


Wheels of Happiness is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2011 by Vincenzo Piscopo after suffering a life altering spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed.  While he was still hospitalized, Vincenzo met a Ugandan priest (Father Thomas) who had suffered a similar spinal cord injury.  Father Thomas raised Vincenzo's awareness of the needs of people with disabilities in under-privileged areas of the world.  Thanks to the support that Vincenzo received from his family, friends and co-workers, his journey with spinal cord injury has been more bearable.  As a way to pay it forward, Vincenzo founded "Wheels of Happiness". 

Why did we create WOH foundation?


The Wheels of Happiness Foundation (WOH) was created to help spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors and people with mobility disabilities in underserved countries. WOH provides them with medical supplies, hygiene products, scholarships, psychological support and inspiration so they can become independent, reintegrate in society, and add value to their communities.

Since its foundation, WOH has helped adults and children in Uganda, Kenya, Colombia, Venezuela, India, The Dominican Republic, and the list is growing. . 

Wheels of Happiness video

  Check out this video about the Wheels of Happiness Foundation!